3girlZband is a trio of musicians who love to create music together. Combined, the girlz have been playing for a lifetime and craft their tunes with combinations of electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion. 3girlZband original and cover tunes range from classic rock to acoustic ballads and often linger for a time at genres in between. They feature many combinations of instruments and vocals that bring a unique sound no matter the song.
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Every 3GB song is engineered for perfect mix of the band's feature sounds, like driving lead guitar, beautiful, melodic and rhythmic acoustic guitar, classic piano sounds, band designed electronic keyboard voices, vocal harmonies, and original drum and percussion arrangements to bind it all together. Each of the Girlz write music and lyrics and sing lead and harmony vocals.
They produce a diverse blend of original material reminiscent of many artists like, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Baremaked Ladies, Indigo Girls and Heart. Their debut CD with their former band, Girlz Like That was titled "For a Good time Call" included 10 original rock songs, many of which became well known in their community. The girlz are now polishing up more than a dozen new tunes and are currently busy recording their new music.
The Girlz have been performing at festivals, special events and private parties in Canada and the U.S. for almost two decades. When they're not making music
they are supporting the cause to promote women
in music and have been active organizers
of many events.