Vocals and Lead Guitar
Over the years D has played lead guitar and sang backup in many groups and bands. By day,
D lives in the 3D construction world designing manufacturing plants for a large New
England Construction Company.

In the world of music, D delivers amazing
music to her band mates. Her attention
to detail writing original leads for 3girlz
songs and covering the guitar parts
of songs from the music icons of
this world always takes each song to
the next level.

D's musical inspiration
comes from Fleetwood Mac, Heart,
Led Zeppelin, Melissa Etheridge, Van
Halen and many more classic and southern
rock groups. D plays many guitars
(and owns 12), but her most used gig
guitars are a Taylor 914CE custom
acoustic and a PRS Custom 24 electric.
D was born in Panama City Beach Florida, and grew up in Florida, Hawaii, and Southern California. Oceans, beaches and horseback riding were important parts of her early years. She started playing electric and acoustic guitar and writing music and songs in primary school. She has been singing and playing
since the very first song she learned....
"Flies in the Buttermilk".