Drums, Percussion and Vocals
She loves hearing melody lines on the kit
and lyric driven music, whether it's
singer-songwriter music like Nanci Griffith
or Patty Griffin, folky guys like Dick
Gaughan (most romantic song ever),
or R&B, blues, classical, Indian,
South African (check out Vusi
Mahlashela), Indigo Girls, and
Melissa Etheridge.
Joy was born in Montreal, Quebec, and moved around a lot, living in the Maritimes, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, and Syracuse. She's lived in Kingston, Ontario since. Joy grew up listening to her dad's jazz albums - all the big drummers
like Buddy Rich and Stan Kenton, and
her favourite, Joe Morello.
Joy first played the drums in Grade 8. The music teacher didn't think girls should be on the kit, she got stuck on the glockenspiel. So, she bought her own kit, practiced in secret at home. Then, just like in the movies, the night of the first big concert the boy on the kit broke his arm and she got to step up and play! She had a two bar solo, and still remembers her grandmother leaping to her feet in the audience yelling "that's my granddaughter". She was hooked - there's nothing like being on stage!
By day (and sometimes night), Joy is a pastry chef at Pan Chanco in Kingston. Along with fantastic goodies, Joy brings unique and powerful percussion to the girls' songs. hard to make each part she develops perfect for every original tune.